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NEW PROJECT: Bach Project


I have recently been listening to some classical music and more specifically the famous JS Bach piece "Cello Suite 1."  I have found that this song is extremely versatile and many ideas for short films have come to mind with this specific song. I will be compiling a few short stories that will all be separate from one another. The first one I actually created from a project that was given to me to shoot family friend of mine's daughter and her award for Homecoming Princess. There will be many more in which you can take the video for the initial story and what it is worth, but instead I encourage you to look at the underlying meaning of the story and what it is really telling.


I hope you enjoy! 


My Most Anticipated Films of the Year

Some of the following Movies I have seen at Cannes but most of them I have not. I hope that if you have not heard of these films that you will add them to your list of must sees.  

There is quite the buzz this year saying that this year could potentially be the best year for cinema in the past 25 years. A lot of the film analyst are refusing to pick the Academy Award nominees for best picture because competition is so steep. I guess only time can tell. 

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Working With History...

Tripod in hand, my LowePro camera backpack on, and two of my great friends walking next to me. We have just arrived at our shooting location and I feel this exciting and anxious pull from my heart to my fingertips as I am about to start shooting for my next project. This is an exciting project, but to be in this location, who would imagine that I could shoot in this amazing of a place. Feeling the pristine carpet under my shoes as I am about to pull open the doors to one of the most historic places in Knoxville, arguably in the state of Tennessee. I pull open the door and I find myself looking at it, this place has a sence of majesty at the same time it feels like and is a slice of home, I am now standing in the beautiful, Historic Tennessee Theater. Red velvet seats, beautiful lighting, wonderful walls, there hasn't been a show here that I haven't been in awe of the beauty of this venue. I am now going to be a shooting a Promo for the UT Basketball team here focusing on Josh Richardson.


While I was getting to set up lighting and preparing the shoot we were awaiting Josh's arrival, but that wait was easy getting to be in a place this beautiful. Knowing that I would be getting to shoot film within such a beautiful place, a place that is as close to my heart as the Tennessee Theater I was taking in every moment I could. Once I got everything set up I was able to go on stage and play the only song I know how to play (Clocks by Coldplay), but hey not many people can say they have performed at the Tennessee Theater even if was just for two of my friends.

Richardson arrived and we got the ball rolling with quickly achieving our concept that we had set out for (below are some production stills). It was great getting to be in the presence of either Knoxville locals, or Knoxville icons such as a Tennessee Basketball player. I have never been able to take in such a deep breath and so confidently exhale the words 'This is Tennessee.' Home sweet home, as much as I desire and dream about being a filmmaker over in LA or NY I know that Knoxville will have a place in my heart for a lifetime and I am proud to be from the beautiful state of Tennessee.


pictures taken by - Austin Thomas

New Project- UT Basketball - The Beginning

Tomorrow I will be shooting a short film with some folks for the University of Tennessee Basketball team! We are displaying some of these guys interests outside of basketball and colliding those interests with their love for basketball! Lets just say some live performance will be involved with a player or two tomorrow! Stay tuned to see what will come out over the next few weeks.... hopefully the picture will give you a hint of where things will be taking place. Some would say it is almost impossible that Spielberg will be there but don't you worry I am still Seeking Spielberg. Image

Is Xbox One the Next Cable Box?

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